Green Forum│2012 MIECF, Macau on 30th March

Session D : Techniques and equipments for environmental industry: Business opportunities
•Mr. Ou Jun, Representative of Pearl River Delta Environmental Protection Industry Cooperation Committee [Moderator]
•Mr. Ou Yuezhou, Deputy Secretary-General of Guangdong Association of Environmental Protection Industry Association
•Mr. Hu Zhipeng, Secretary of the Fujian Environmental Protection Industry Association
•Mr. Sun Yumin, Jiangxi Environmental Protection Industry Association
•Mr. Zhang Miao, Manager of the Sichuan Environmental Protection Industry Association
•Mr. Yang Qiansheng, Secretary of the Guizhou Environmental Protection Industry Association
•Mr. Daniel M. Cheng, President of Hong Kong Environmental Industry Association, Deputy Chairman of Federation of Hong Kong Industries
•Mr. Ma Zhiyi, Director General of Macau Association of Environmental Protection Industry
•Mr. Wang Jianjun, General Manager of Changsha Country Environmental Construction and Investment Co. Ltd




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  1. Industry representatives from the Pan-PRD “9+2” region will explore the means of enhancing traditional environmental protection industries, to speed up the strategic development of diversified industrial technologies, and promote the industrial transformation to upgrade to a more sustainable economic development, to find green opportunities and effective ways of cooperation in the Pan-PRD “9+2” on the environmental protection industry