Green Forum Session 7: Panel Discussion – Sustainable Cities – Policies and Cases, Live from 2013 MIECF Macau

22 March 15:00-16:00 Sicily Room 2401-2502 (Level 1) Go To Download Presentation


This session is to learn from experts what policies and cases on regional and city planning, green building, water management and clean energy are succeeding for green cities.


(Part 1)
•Prof. Hao Jiming, Professor and Dean of Institute of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University [Moderator]
•Speaker from Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau
•Mr. Cai Ying, Deputy Director-General of Department of Housing And Urban-Rural Development of Guangdong Province
•Ms. Guo Meng, Vice Director of the Department of Environmental Publicity and Education, Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau
•Mr. Wong Sekcheung, Chief Engineer of Engineer of Electrical & Mechanical Services Department, Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region


(Part 2)
•Mr. Ragnar Branth Litvanyi, Chief of the Technical and Development Division at the Ministry of Housing and Urbanism
•Mr. Wong Man Tou, Representative of Working Group on the Development of a Water Conservation Society, Government of The Macao Special Administrative Region
•Ms. Ko Kwangjin, Expert Research of International Business Cooperation Office, Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute
•Mr. Gui Zhen Hua, Secretary-General of China Green Development Forum

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