[IFA 2013] 도이치 텔레콤의 프레스 컨퍼런스 ‘커넥트(Connect)’

한국 kt 는 올라잇(All-right), 올아이피(All-IP), 도이치 텔레콤(Deutsche Telekom) 은 커넥트. IFA 2013 프레스 컨퍼런스가 진행된 도이치텔레콤의 특별관은 통신사가 아니라 미래 생활을 보여주는 컨셉으로 구성되었고, 한편에선 실시간 IPTV 방송을 진행하는 무대까지 연출되었다.

도이치 텔레콤은 특히 엔터테인 부문 방송을 더욱 확대해서 명실상부한 HD 방송전문 기업으로의 도약을 하겠다고 현장에서 발표했다.

Fixed network, broadband Internet, TV and mobile telephony for just EUR 69.90 per month, including family advantage – internal calls free of charge
Market leader and pioneer for integrated offers in Germany
Up to 38 percent discount for each additional mobile phone card
Communication for the whole family: with its new Family packages, Deutsche Telekom will offer everything from a single source starting in November, as the first vendor in Germany to set standards with its new family advantage. “Only Deutsche Telekom customers get the best of all worlds, at an outstanding level of quality and at a fair price,” says Michael Hagspihl, Head of Marketing, Telekom Deutschland, and adds: “the future belongs to integrated offerings. We will play to our strengths here.”

For just EUR 69.90 per month, for example, families get a fixed-network line including flat rate for the German landline network. Download speeds of up to 16 Mbit/s provide fast Internet connections. Entertain, Deutsche Telekom’s TV product, offers customers nearly 100 channels, along with the Videoload download platform with more than 19,000 movie, TV and series highlights on demand. The package includes an attractive mobile phone rate with the new Allnet Flat. The rate includes a voice and SMS flat rate to all German mobile networks, along with 200 megabytes of mobile data volume at speeds of up to 8 Mbit/s. The family advantage: calls between up to four cellphones and the landline are always free of charge! Especially handy: additional mobile phone cards, such as prepaid cards for children, can also be integrated in the no-charge communications.

The family package will be available to new and existing integrated customers from November 2013. Customers who order an additional smartphone as subsidized devices pay an additional monthly fee of EUR 10. Customers who don’t need a family package receive the Norton security package for PC, smartphone and tablet free of charge when they purchase a fixed-network and mobile phone contract.

Big savings with the new FamilyCards
Deutsche Telekom customers can also cut their phone bills with the new FamilyCards, starting November 5. In this offer, customers receive a discount of up to 38 percent for their second mobile phone card. The FamilyCards are available in S, M and XL sizes. FamilyCard S costs EUR 19.95/month and offers a flat rate to Deutsche Telekom’s mobile network, 100 minutes to all networks, an SMS flat rate and 500 MB data volume at up to 16 mbit/s. FamilyCard M costs EUR 29.95/month and offers an all-net flat rate, SMS flat rate, and data flat rate with 750 MB at LTE speeds of up to 50 Mbit/s. The FamilyCard XL is the totally care-free package: this offer contains an all-net flat rate, SMS flat rate, HotSpot flat rate, data flat rate with two GB of data volume, LTE + speed of up to 150 Mbit/s, two multi-SIM cards and 50 minutes of international calls per month, plus four Travel&Surf passes during the contract term. All for just EUR 39.95/month. Up to 2 FamilyCards can be booked for each main contract.

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